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Date: Sun, 11 Oct 2020 at 09:52
Subject: akinda cultural forces “COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE” on Monetary Literacy — sovereign debt fragility; APPENDED EMAIL: This “Big Lie” Will End Capitalism and Wealth Instantly
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Will APPENDIX “Big Lie” End Capitalism and Wealth Instantly?   BUT!   Is there not the “Moral Experience”  (definition: Body; Mind; Spirit; Wholism) imperative incentivizing REGULATION of the flawed banking system’s modus operandi for creating its intrinsic instabilities and adversities [among benefits] of sovereign debt-based fiat currencies — because its foundation upon usury drives the despairs of disparity’s infernal societal conflagrations and idolatrous temptations? __________

A Graphic narrative  …. False Dichotomy – ‘Ephesians’ Ross (2014) p.391:

The Eighth Commandment — “No Theft – Poor versus Rich

In God we trust — all others bring data: RE Disparity

“Mine’s better than yours!” … mutual egocentricity

_________Wellness. Discern. Amen.
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Biblical Logic Opposing USURY
If there is no God, then there is no objective right and wrong. If God does exist, opinions are not authoritative, else humankind’s desires alone (enacted power) are determinative.
What does God think on the issue? Christians say, look to Biblical veracity.
(1) We are all obligated to live into God’s will/justice
(2) God’s will/justice is expressed in the Bible.
(3) Bible opposes mammon[1] including usury and usurious behavior.
(4) Therefore, the practice of usury is against God’s will, or is objectively wrong.
To resist this reasoning, one must deny either that
 (2) God’s will/justice is expressed in the Bible. Or else deny that
 (3) the Bible opposes mammon including usury and usurious behavior. __________________________________
[1]  Matthew 6:24 – You cannot be the slave of two masters!  You will like one more than the other or be more loyal to one than [to] the other. You cannot serve both God and money [i.e. “mammon” as riches, or anything in which you trust and on which you rely; per Amplified Bible]. (cf. the poverty and justice bible,; contemporary English version 2008) 

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Subject: This “Big Lie” Will End Capitalism and Wealth Instantly

A note from the Editor: Green Money Gazette is dedicated to providing readers like you with unique opportunities. The message below from one of our business associates is one we believe you should take a serious look at.

Dear Reader,
COVID-19 has turned our politicians into socialists..All promising TRILLIONS more in bailouts. This will put an end to capitalism and your God-given right to accumulate wealth… And it’s the final nail in the coffin of our Republic. As founding father Benjamin Franklin said: That’s why it scares me [“Fear not. ” — Jesus] to my core… that debt forgiveness [“Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done … Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors,” — Jesus] has become such a hot topic in the 2020 presidential campaign.
It’s all part of “The Big Lie” that’s quietly reshaping our entire financial system.
Rogue members of Congress pledge allegiance to the “Cultural Revolution”… And they’re quietly laying the groundwork for a “clean slate” and “resetting” the financial system. This is code for the end of capitalism and wealth. Today, I’m exposing these thieves and their “Big Lie”… Get on the right side of this NOW, while there’s still time.
Sincerely, Kelly Brown, Managing Director, Stansberry Research
Delivering World-Class Financial Research Since 1999

P.S. While most people are focusing on face masks and stimulus checks… they’re ignoring what’s really happening…
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We shouldn’t ask whether we can get out of the structures of an exploitative global mindset so that the planet flow on in its natural rhythms. We must ask how and when.

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