Mother Pelican: March 2021

Another stimulating treasury. Good to here of any article that strikes you as significant
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The Early Roots of a Modern Crisis Lisi Krall Love & Waste: Igniting A Permaculture Paradigm Shift ~A Personal Story, Part III – Cara Judea AlhadeffInspiring and Catalysing Healthy Cultural Evolution – Andrew GainesThe Technology That Will Not Save Us, The Technology That Can Transform Us – Margarita MediavillaGlobal Transformation: The Precariat Overcoming Populism – Guy StandingThe Blessed Return of Going Through the Motions – Cynthia LindnerSocial Distance: An Anthropological Perspective – Daniel CringInterrogating the Anthropocene: Truth and Fallacy – Paul RaskinEco-Social Justice in an Anthropocentric World – Nicci Attfield, James ReedObsession With GDP, Disregard of Nature Leading Towards Ecosystem Collapse – Andrea GermanosWhere Energy Modeling Goes Wrong – Gail TverbergCan We Exit This Road to Ruin? – Craig CollinsWill Technology Solve Climate Change? – Richard HeinbergGoverning Transitions towards Sustainable Agriculture—Taking Stock of an Emerging Field of Research – Inga C. Melchior & Jens NewigLet’s Meet in the Ring: Steady Staters in the “Green Doughnut” – Kayla DownsThe Hydrogen-Based Economy: Is it Enough to Paint Something Blue to Make it Green? – Ugo BardiWith Dire Assessment, Scientists Warn Humanity in Denial of Looming Collapse of Civilization – Jessica CorbettCultural Evolution and Global Ethics for the Future – John Scales AveryJust Transition: Time for a Rethink? – Rosa Martínez RodríguezIn Which Direction Do You Find Forgiveness? – Erik AssadourianEcofeminism and the Steady State Economy – Casey ReilandOvercoming Gender Inequality for Climate Resilient Development – Jesús Crespo CuaresmaPilate vs. The Truth: A Biblical Confrontation for Post-Truth Christians – John Thatamanil‘Nature’ and ‘Culture’: How We Perceive the World and Why This Should Change – Kocku von Stuckrad

The mission of this journal is to foster integral human development and an integral ecology. Human development in harmony with nature is the existential challenge of our time.You are invited to submit comments, suggestions, and articles for publication. Deadline is the 15th of the month to be considered for the following month.
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