Let’s help life blow out its 3.8 billion candles!

This wonderful salute to nature’s sacred planet appeared today.  It helps my mere 90th tomorrow find its cosmic perspective! Do visit the second site especially and scroll through some of the range of messages ….  with freedom then to add your own. Yours – as we all work severally and together on a Quantum Quality in humn understanding! Peter

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Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2021 at 23:59
Subject: Let’s help life blow out its 3.8 billion candles!
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February 25th is the day Life appeared on Earth if we compress the age of Earth (4.5 billion years) into one calendar year. We celebrate Life’s Birthday every year because ever since Life first appeared on Earth 3.8 billion years ago (as chemoautotrophic prokaryotes!), it has been creating proven designs and strategies that humans can use to achieve a resilient, sustainable future. Even in these unprecedented times, Life continues to bring us inspiration, hope, joy, and gratitude.

CELEBRATE LIFE’S BIRTHDAY BY: SIGNING LIFE’S BIRTHDAY CARD: Happy Birthday Life! Life is 3.8 billion years old today—hip hip hooray! Life’s wisdom is unfathomable and an elder we should celebrate. We invite you to share any wisdom Life has shared with you, fond or funny memories, or even future adventures you wish to have with nature.

iSites: Nature Journaling for Biomimicry by Erin Rovalo.
After Life blows out its 3.8 billion candles (which could take some time!), we recommend celebrating outside by journaling. Our self-guided nature journaling book features prompts for tapping into design lessons, inspirations, and ideas waiting to be discovered in your own backyard and beyond. It helps you ask the right questions to shift your perspective and observations. Start with Chapter 1: The Naturalist Lens or buy the book below. GET THE BOOK

“Earth’s Calendar Year” – FREE MATERIALS PACKAGE –
The celebration doesn’t have to stop on February 25th. We’ve created a few fun materials—a printable calendar and infographic, and desktop wallpaper milestone images—that will help you remember throughout the year just how young of a species we are! Let’s cheer life on and support its longevity!!

EXPERIENCE LIFE’S WISDOM IN COSTA RICA. Registration ending soon! We only have a couple of spots left in our upcoming immersion workshop held in one of the most biodiverse regions of the world. With the tropical rainforest as your classroom, witness how nature innovates and learn how to bring that knowledge into your work. We hope you can join us and a cohort of change-makers in this unforgettable journey. Read more about our COVID considerations and precautions on our website.  

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