The Pope & Basic Income

Just ensuring you are aware of this encouraging report and opportunity on the issue of a UBI

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Peter Challen, 
Basic Income has a long history of supporters from across the political and social spectrum. Thomas More, Thomas Paine, Martin Luther King, Richard Nixon. Perhaps the most high profile name of them all last year added his name to calls for basic income: Pope Francis.
In his most recent book he said, “recognising the value to society of nonearners is a vital part of our rethinking in the post-Covid world… That is why I believe it is time to explore concepts like Universal Basic Income“. He’s sparked basic income conversations right across the world with his comments. But what exactly did he mean? How does basic income link with Catholicism, Christinaity and faith more generally? Does it at all? 
We’ve partnered with Catholic Voices to host an evening that explores the Pope’s support for basic income in more detail on Thursday. We’ll be joined by Austen Ivereigh who co-authored the Pope’s book Let Us Dream and the Bishop of Salford, John Arnold.  
Two experts associated with the Vatican will be joining too: the British former banker and Labour Minister Ruth Kelly whom last summer Francis appointed as a member of the Vatican’s Council for the Economy; and Sister Alessandra Smerilli, the economist who heads the Pope’s Covid Commission Economic Task Force. It’s very much open to people of faith or no-faith at all. 
Join us on Thursday 18th February at 6.30pm
Sign up to register here: 
If you can’t make it on Thursday – or you fancy some pre-reading – check out a blog Fr David Stewart, a priest in Scotland, has written for us on basic income and catholic social teaching. Read it here 
Have a restful weekend, Best, Michael,
Director, Basic Income Conversation

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