Global Table Gleanings to fashion as you will

Recent Global Table network gleanings to fashion as you will;

1. Eirwen Harbottle a long time associate of the Global Table and gentle receiver and giver of wise reflections on justice and peace will be 100 on February 15th

2. Ann Pettifor for Casse  in her role as the steady stater’s monetary economist!

3. From Brain Pickings, The Blue Hour: a stunning illustrated ode to nature’s rarest colour:

4. Followed up by a Alan Rayner personal rendering of his poetry on Calls Of Nature:

5. A comment: The model of a circular economy can only come into being if we humans collaborate. We can conceptualise. Humanity’s problem lies elsewhere – it is our inability to rise above our, ego, greed & lust for power over others. Infinite growth economics reflect our immaturity.

6. Abdun Nur: We are born into a system of monopolies, driven by the five forms of usury, but there is a far better model possible, all it takes is to consider it, and if you agree it is a better alternative to the existing capitalistic monopolies, then help to establish the alternative, I have written several examples of the bonding model, please take a little time to consider the alternative to car insurance, using this bonding model:

Your own report on developments are welcomed.

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