Modern Monetary Theory explained with clarity

Forgive me if you already follow Richard Murphy’s vital communications.
Thanks to Richard Murphy for this lucid account of Modern Monetary Theory – with discussion following.  Peter

One associate responds to Richard Murphy’s fine description of MMT…  ‘This is an important argument for MMT  Thank you. Meanwhile James Quilligan contests some of MMT’s fundamental claims, including the employment issue, from a macro-ecological perspective. We are working on James’  document to be published soon’ in the HOLOS project.’ C

Are we contrasting the possible approach of a pragmatic MMT with the urgent survival programme explored and explained by Fred Harrison in his 2021 trio of volumes of ‘#WeAreRent’?                   

Please consider and comment on that question; perhaps bearing in mind the neat thought of Kate Raworth ‘Could the challenge be clearer than this??? One of the most critical skills of our time: learning to think long and become good ancestors.’


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