A UK form of thanksgiving for a reformation drive

Dear Associates
Pre-announcement of two new books – watch this space. In the next two days I will send you some details of two books celebrating several approaches to a new Reformation. 

Poetry, Piety and Psyche – Progressive Poems for Rebellious Christians‘ by David Keighley, contains stark but genuine questions in an often rather angry tone. David’s 330 poems are indicative of testing pastoral conversations in country parishes. They accentuate the dangers of not finding contemporary terms and applications for historic and even dogmatic interpretations of faith in God as universal creativity ever evolving about us. 

Nailed * Reclaiming the Gospel’– by Simon Mouatt and Jo Lock, is a gentle personal journey by two scholarly and grounded friends through 96 new Theses, while inviting your participation. The Theses apply the natural inclusiveness of the Trinitarian interpretation of faith to what is sought or held by many of us in such a range of terms, situations and aspirations. It humbly elaborates with such tentative yet profound conviction the potential in each of us for ministry for the Common Good, as set in the trusteeship of the gifted Common Wealth of this sacred planet. 

Bear these introductions in mind as you await details and recommendations in the next day or two. Peter

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