US Thanksgiving and hints about our own

As many Americans celebrate Thanksgiving by a reappraisal of what it represents of history biased in favour of white ‘invaders’ of north America, it seems a good excuse to think of our own commitment in the face of such urgent need for structural change.  Thus…. A pithy summary of personal commitment gathered from associate contributions in this network. 

Vital Eco-therapy is a global issue with intimate {personal}, corporate {societal}  and global {cosmic} dimensions. We need a 3 gear mission of intervention at each level and some inter-action or bonding between all three levels. 
The situation is the more complicated because of the need to tackle the natural inclusion of each by the other in their political, economic and social dimensions. We need to be curious and encourage curiosity in others and dig deep into the structures and explore what is going on. 
There is a great deal of untruth and misleading information out there and we can soon get overwhelmed with the complexity and data we encounter.

Some have found it helpful to start with a few maxims in their own personal life: – • Be open-minded {non-dual – resisting labels and a dualistic approach} and engage in constructive and respectful critiques • Nothing is impossible if you don’t mind who gets the credit • Enough is plenty • Live simply so that others may simply live because ‘none of us can be fully human until all are fully human.’
The last point goes to the heart of the matter at once domestically, societally and globally – INEQUALITY.  So, with our own version of thanksgiving, on we each go exploring and committing ourselves into the still unknown future….
Yours, Peter

“Economy and Ecology are both derived from the same word “oikos” our home, both our planetary home as well as the particular places we call home. Yet what is called economy today is destroying our common home.
– We shouldn’t ask whether we can get out of the structures of an exploitative global mindset so that the planet flow on in its natural rhythms. We must ask how and when.

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