A Distillation of Phrases from Collaborative Responses

Evaluations welcome……………


Filtering through to our sluggish brains
a greater awareness enabling genuine transition
on the cusp of critical time, briefly available.
Emphatically perceiving ‘God’, 
or more humbly, the ubiquitous ‘I AM’,
as creativity inspiring higher consciousness,
a cosmic spirited-energy eternally forming matter
in expanding ranges of evolutionary variety.

Thuswise we’ll sense poignant mystery on an earthly scale,
an essence of creativity flowing freely everywhere,
making it possible to love – add slivers of creativity –
to all planetary motion, while bit by bit enhancing
the macro and mystic, the micro and might be,
appropriately in varieties of time and space.

Space and time give way to matter ever-flowing
towards infinite incarnation, 
physical formations in periods of
relevant and purposeful being.
Thus we begin to comprehend 
quanta in singularity with vast differentiation.


A father’s dying words 
[incidentally here at MSH 35 years ago]
‘Nothing is impossible if you don’t mind who gets the credit,’
were an instinctive ending of the widely encultured 
egotism that invented the arrogance of the human
model of western political-economy oblivious of that 
fundamental ‘eco-‘prefix to the normal
ordering of our covenantal trusteeship and stewardship.

This leads to the hope that
these enigmatic phrases may be utilised without accreditation
in any way the reader might feel fit in searching for 

distributing the Common Wealth generated in this sacred earth.


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