Mother Pelican: November 2020

Another treasury for your selection and comment on key points you detect.

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Fratelli Tutti: Seeking the Common Good • Andrew Hamilton
Can Humanity Ever Be United in Doing Good? • Shay Cullen
Fratelli Tutti – Encyclical of Love that Misses the Boat on Women • Annemarie Paulin-Campbell
Do As I Say • Regina Bannan
Fratelli Tutti and the Place of Human Ecology in an Integral Earth • Walter Scott Stepanenko
The Poverty of Identity Politics • Patrick Curry
Who is “We”? • Robert Jensen
Critical Ecofeminism as a Panacea for our Ecological Identity Crisis • Ishan Aggarwal
Saving Liberalism from Itself • Damian Howard
We Are on the Cusp of a Paradigm Shift • Margaret Atkins
Why Am I Feeling So Anxious? The End of Modernism Arrives • Kurt Cobb
The Moral Imperative of Being an Overpopulation Activist • Karen I. Shragg
Transforming Our Food Systems Is the Only Way to Nourish the World • Katharine Earley
Fascism in America ~ Words and Realities • Marc Edelman 
The Urgent Need for Global Governance • Don Chisholm
Eco-Stalinism: A Tongue-in-Cheek Manifesto – Part 3 – Magicians and Medics • Giorgio Baruchello
Educating in Times of Systemic Collapse • Luis González Reyes
A Simple Way to Understand What’s Happening, and What to Do • Richard Heinberg
The Rescue of the Spirit and of Nature • Victor M. Toledo
Money, Gods, and Taboos: Re-sacralizing the Commons • Ugo Bardi
Women in the Catholic Church: An Unresolved Issue • José Zepeda & Isabel Corpas de Posada
What They Don’t Teach You in Catholic College ~ Women in the Priesthood and the Mind of Christ • Book Review by Luis T. Gutiérrez 
Icons of Christ: A Biblical and Systematic Theology for Women’s Ordination • Book Review by Mimi Haddad
On the Gender Dimension of Human Relations and Human Ecology • Luis T. Gutiérrez

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