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This initiative from Greenfaith shows some development in an aspect of our trying to generate a critical mass in the context of a basic CCMJ resource, namely ‘The Gaia Atlas of Planet Management – for Today’s Caretakers of Tomorrow’s World” 1985 [Revised 1996 and then in ‘The New Atlas of Planet Management.,’ 2005]
As always, any reflection on this initiative in relation to tackling the three fundamentals of Usury, Theft of the Commons and oppressive Institutionalism will be valued.

———- Forwarded message ———
From: Rev Abby Mohaupt & Sara Shor via <>
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2021 at 22:30
Subject: 11 March was just the first step!
To: <>

Dear Friend, 11 March transformed our grassroots, multi-faith climate movement!
Join the GreenFaith Community Call on 25 March to engage on organizing and action plans for COP26.
Last Thursday, in 49 countries, with over 420 events, supported by 230 high-ranking religious leaders and 130 religious groups representing over 100 million people, you sounded the alarm for climate justice together as one global, grassroots multi-faith community – like never before.

Your leadership was awesome.
Last week was just the beginning. Sustained moral leadership is how, together, we will create transformational change.
2021 is a vital year because countries should be making stronger climate change commitments at November’s UN negotiations. So far, their commitments fall inexcusably short. That’s where this community comes in. On the 25 March GreenFaith Community Call, you’ll dig deep into the spiritual values that inspire us and engage around plans to impact the UN climate negotiations this November.

You are the heart of this movement for climate justice and sustainable and equitable future for absolutely everyone!  Register for a call on 25 and 26 March at one of three times:
• 25th March: 8am California/ 11am New York/ 12 noon Santiago/4 pm Paris/6 pm Nairobi (your local time here
• 25th March: 5pm California/8pmNew York/9 pm Santiago/7 am Jakarta 26th March/11am Sydney 26 March (your local time here)
• 26th March: 9 am Nairobi/11:30am New Delhi/1 pm Jakarta/5pm Sydney (your local time here)

Last week, you came together as a global, grassroots force.  Let’s not settle for anything less than a loving, just, compassionate future.
Looking forward to connecting with you!In solidarity and hope, Sara & abby
P.S. Check out this amazing video with actions from Sacred People, Sacred Earth events around the world!
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