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I was encouraged to share this as widely as possible… Peter

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From: Rob Herring <>
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2019 at 19:01
Subject: Welcome Peter – You’re part of the solution movement!
To: Peter <>
Hi Peter,
Thank you so much for joining us for the worldwide free screening of The Need To GROW. After over 5 years of hard work, my co-director, Ryan Wirick and I, are so excited to join with Food Revolution Network in sharing this beautiful story with YOU! I’ve always felt that the best way to change the world is with a good story. And based on audience responses, it looks like we may have accomplished that.
At more than a dozen film festivals screenings so far (where we’ve been honored with a few Best Documentary and Audience Favorite awards), it’s been clear that the underdog heroes in this film resonate with people around the world. And Rosario Dawson’s stellar narration takes the story to another level!
I’m sure you know that the topic is urgent. Our planet’s farmable soils are running out at an alarming rate. And to put it plainly, without healthy soil, we can’t grow healthy food! But as you’re about to see, there IS hope, and there are real solutions.Thank you for being someone who cares about where your food comes from, how it’s grown, and the future of life on this precious planet. And thank you for signing up for this special, free, global premiere screening.

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Rob Herring
Co-Director/Co-Producer (with Ryan Wirick), – Earth Conscious Films

P.S. A lot of people are feeling overwhelmed these days about the state of environmental and human health. I think The Need To GROW brings a hopeful message that the world really needs right now, and I can’t wait to share it all with you! I’m so grateful to Food Revolution Network (FRN) for joining us in bringing this world premiere screening to you. They’re on a mission with us — standing for healthy, ethical, and sustainable food for all. Thanks for joining FRN, and Ryan and me, at a critical time for life on Earth. Together, we can, and we will change the course of history for the better.
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