IC-UK Call to Action

From: michael.mulvey@orange.fr <michael.mulvey@orange.fr>
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2021 at 08:33
Subject: IC-UK Call to Action
To: michael Mulvey <michael.mulvey@orange.fr>

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Correspondents,
The Independent Constitutionalists UK (ic-uk.org.uk) are currently issuing a two-step Call to Action to the UK electorate to vote for Independent Local Councillors and MPs in the forthcoming and future elections.  Combined with the growing support for PR, we see this as a way of breaking the party-political stranglehold and stalemate that continue to paralyse the UK’s political-economy.  The election of Independents, genuinely representative of and directly accountable to their local communities and constituencies, could open up a space for real change: 
Please act upon our Call and share it with interested friends and associates.
Michael MULVEY
See Flyer Attached.

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