Join the Moral Money Summit

Dear Associates
27 April, 09:10-17:40 BST – Business Collective Action:
Moving from Narrative to Action – #FTMoralMoney

The above ‘moral money summit’ ought to be covered by someone in our network. Please reply if you are in a position to be able to do that and report your reaction in relation to our concern that the question behind this challenge is whether the conference gets anywhere near these three structural changes basic to an eco-nomy: USURY • THEFT OF COMMONS • INSTITUTIONAL DRAG  

Let’s be blunt – if we don’t face up to and abolish ‘Usury’, ‘Theft of the commons’ and the anti-evolutionary ‘rigidity of Institutionalism’, then cries for justice, peace and the common good are but wishful thinking. This is an issue that lies behind all the liturgical rituals of Holy week and Easter and the reflections that might arise in Ramadhin.

Yours, in the stirrings of great festivals, often so isolated from ecological, societal, economic and global urgencies

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