Psychology & Spirituality – William James, Carl Jung, Meister Eckhart in dialogue

Forgive festival overload, but Lent and Easter trigger vital reflections on our lives and witness. Once more responses are invited from anyone reaching into this resource as it relates to our search for a critical mass supporting radical structural change.

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It is clear that our times demand deep wisdom and profound change that begins in both self and community.
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Psychology & Spirituality: William James, Carl Jung, Meister Eckhart in dialog – A Virtual Teach-In with Steven Herrmann and Matthew Fox
In this exciting dialog, Dr. Steven Herrmann, a Jungian analyst and Matthew Fox, a spiritual theologian and Eckhartian scholar, will be drawing on the wisdom of three giants of spiritual consciousness: William James’ Varieties of Religious Experience is a classic in Western understanding of religion, mysticism, spirituality and psychology. Carl Jung’s entire corpus and life’s work explored the intersection of soul and spirit. Meister Eckhart is among the greatest mystic/prophets of Western culture (and he was deeply respected by Jung who says Eckhart gave him “the key to the unconscious.”)
Teach-In Schedule
Session 1: Friday, April 9 at 7pm-9pm ET
Session 2: Saturday, April 10 at 12pm-3pm ET
Session 3: Saturday, April 10 at 3:30pm-5:30pm ET
* If you can’t be present for the whole event, do not be concerned, you will have access to the recordings afterward.
 In exploring together some gifts from James, Jung and Eckhart for our times, such topics as these will be considered as taken from Herrmann’s book:”The Fight with the Shadow”
“Doorways to the Self”
“The Call to Vocation”
“The Child archetype and the God behind the Door”
“The Radical Empirical Psychology of William James”

In addition to Q & A with the presenters, all will participate in art as meditation practices of active imagination borrowed from James and Jung for accessing the collective unconscious or depths of the soul or God.Some small group sharing will also occur.
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Resurrection: Conversations with Matthew Fox & Bruce Chilton
Listen to Matthew Fox and Bruce Chilton as they explore the meaning of Easter in a two-session event hosted by Cameron Trimble. These conversations were recorded and are available now for purchase.

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