Holism & the Spirit of Wellbeing

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Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2021 at 21:07
Subject: Re: Holism – and the Spirit of Well-being – Entanglement of the Logos

Greetings again. A quick reminder that this significant event with Sue Cooper will take place on Earth Day – 22nd April @ 18h00 BST, hosted by – ΟλοςThe Holos ProjectSupporting a global shift to the holistic perspective

Dear Friend,
Entanglement of the Logos: The Spirit of Well-being: Wellbeing is second of the seven generative themes explored in the Holos-Earth Project: www.holos-earth.org/themes/.   Philosopher/ mystic, Krishnamurti, declared starkly: “It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” 
In the midst of the on-going pandemic, as we celebrate Earth-Day on 22nd April 2021, our forthcoming Holos-Earth Project on-line presentation and dialogue will be led by Sue Cooper – see: www.linkedin.com/in/selfcareworld/?originalSubdomain=uk. Sue writes: “The essence of holistic well-being is co-created through deep compassionate care – emerging as an integrative community model where all voices are encouraged to participate.  The ‘Entanglement of the Logos’ has called forward a unique narrative which has guided a vision and mission for heart-based action for conscious healing and vibrant well-being.” 
For full details and to register for this free on-line event from 6pm to 7.30pm on 22nd April, 2021 go here: www.holos-earth.org/event/holism-the-spirit-of-wellbeing/ 

Earth Day: Clearly from the holistic perspective human wellbeing cannot be separated out of the deep eco-systemic environment that sustains all of life, consequently Sue introduces the concept of ‘Entanglement of the Logos’.  In this 90-minute interactive and thought provoking event, Sue’s presentation will focus on the power of holistic healing and self-care within a recognised framework of healthcare, including the living environment.

Who is Sue Cooper?  As a registered Nurse for over 40 years, due to her own health imbalance, Sue has been on a quest in recent years for the true meaning of holistic health and healing. Teaching meditation and mindfulness, a Deepak Chopra-trained Ayurvedic lifestyle educator, she works in service of raising consciousness at local, national and global level. 
Raising holistic health and well-being awareness as a lived experienced, she supports safe and nurturing research-based practices through the inspiring compassionate community organisations: Nottinghamshire Hospice, Nottingham Mindfulness Group, and Positively Empowered Kids (PEK) network.
Looking forwards to reconnecting,

Claudius van Wyk
Co-convenor – Holos-Earth ProjecT – www.Holos-earth.org
Supporting a global shift to the holistic perspective

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