DO OR DIE: The 2021 XR UK Strategy is here!

This XR network wrestles with Collaboration in search of Critical Mass, capable of generating structural change, against the formidable strength of the embedded culture!. I want to ensure that you have access to this extraordinary example of a ‘Movement of Movements’ as described in a wide range of ways below. What do we each learn from such diligence, expansion and coverage of disintegrated issues that must all be accommodated in an integral  and just way forward? Your response would be valued.

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2021 is a critical year for our planet. Time is running out and we need to explode out of lockdown with renewed energy. We also need to respond to the ways in which the world around us has changed.This new strategy, called ‘Do or Die‘, is the result of a bold experiment. 
Many voices from around the movement came together to form the UK Strategy Assembly and create this strategy. Representatives from all the different nations, regions, UK circles and groups such as disabled rebels, XR Youth and the Internationalist Solidarity Network (ISN) brought as many perspectives as possible to the table. The diversity and inclusivity of the circle is embodied within the strategy.  The strategy comes in a few formshere‘s the short version, here‘s the full-length version, and here‘s the video. We recommend watching the video while going through the document! 
Read the Strategy!
What we’ve produced is more than a traditional strategy document. It’s a call to action. It’s an acknowledgement of past mistakes, and a thank you to all the amazing rebels who’ve kept going during an incredibly difficult year. It’s also a toolkit, stuffed with resources and ideas for where to go from here.It’s an expression of where we are as a movement at this absolutely pivotal moment in time. We really hope all of this comes across when you read it and that you might find it helpful and inspiring.With Radical Love and Rage,UK Strategy Assembly

What else is going on?Rebellion of One is this Saturday at 11am How is your preparation for Rebellion Of One going? Please note the change of time to 11am. This is so that support teams can join ‘Kill The Bill’ protests later in the day, should they wish to. Find out more here.A brave Dutch rebel paves the Ro1 way.
So, what’s so special about May 1?💛 May 1 is International Workers’ Day, a historic day of protest all around the world
☀️ Kill The Bill protests are happening on the same day, and we’ll be sitting alongside those speaking truth to power, dispersed yet united in the name of climate & environmental justice👮‍♂️ Single person protest is named in the PCSC Bill so a direct way to protest against it is to do RO1! 

Join the Cornwall Rebellion The G7 leaders of the world’s richest democratic nations are meeting in Cornwall from 11th-13th June. 
Over this weekend we’re planning a series of COVID-safe, non-violent mass participation actions across mid Cornwall from Carbis Bay and St Ives to TruroFalmouth and beyond. We will be on the beaches, headlands and town streets bringing our message to the G7: 
We’re drowning in promises, ACT NOW. 
In this critical year for the COP process, the need for G7 countries to step up their ambition and make good on their promises has never been greater. This is a key moment and we are calling on EVERYBODY who can, to stand up and take action in Cornwall. Full action brief and much more info to follow, including a possible campsite space – TBC! 
In the meantime check out the event on fb, sign up for actions here, and join the Telegram broadcast!

Ask your candidates to take the CEE Bill pledge!It’s election time on 6 May and candidates across the nations are canvassing for your support.This is a golden opportunity to ask your candidates during a hustings, on social media, or via email: will they pledge to support the CEE Bill?We’ve created an action plan to help you lobby candidates. All they have to do is take the CEE Bill pledge—committing to supporting the CEE Bill, should they be elected.Got a question? Join our Q&A session tomorrow (Wed) at 5pm or email

Bristol says: Our Air, Our City! Our Air Our City is a Bristol-based alliance of movements that is campaigning for clean air for our city. 
300 people a year die from Bristol’s dirty air, and thousands more suffer ill health such as asthma, increased risk of heart disease and Covid 19 as a result of pollution. However, many people are not aware of how serious the problem is. 
To get the truth out, we’ve crowdfunded over £4000 to buy space for 40 billboards and large posters around Bristol, and radio advertisements. Bristol is a multicultural city so our posters shout our message in the ten most frequently used languages in this city.
We are currently focusing on the lead up to the local elections on 6th May, as we try to persuade the candidates to commit to clean our dirty air. After the election, we will hold them to their word!Go here to find out more about this campaign and how you can get involved!
Join the Rebellion
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