Mother Pelican: May 2021

Another rich survey.
1. I wonder who in our network will be the first to get their composition published therein! 
2. I’m getting some interesting responses on both the good and the questionable elements of XR ‘Do or Die’ document that was circulated. Much depends on the difference one understands  between ‘rebellion’ and ‘inclusive transformation’. Admittedly, the second is a much more demanding option!!!
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From: Luis Gutierrez <>
Date: Sat, 1 May 2021 at 05:07
Subject: Mother Pelican ~ May 2021
To: solidarity-sustainability group <>

Some realities are either/or — black or white, good or bad, male or female bodies. Most realities are both/and — shades of grey, mixed motivations, gender continuum. Practically all issues of social justice are both/and — man and woman, humans and nature. Patriarchy is all about either/all — man or woman, master or servant — supremacy, hierarchy. Partnership is about both/and — man and woman, humans and nature — mutuality. We urgently need worldwide cultural evolution from patriarchy to partnership. 

“The tyranny of either/or is that we only survive on our own. The promise of both/and is that the world is imperfect but we’re all in this together.” Both/and problem in an either/or world, H. Holden Thorp, Science, 15 May 2020 
We Are Collectively Failing to Value Nature Adequately – Editorial, The Lancet Planetary Health
Confusion as a State of Grace: Climate and Kinship in 2021 – Cara Judea Alhadeff 
Choosing Life Stories: Body as Teacher – O Love, Susan M. Curry, and Scott F. Gilbert 
Who’s Afraid of Evolution? – Lorna Salzman
Both/And Problem In An Either/Or World – H. Holden Thorp
We Can’t Expect COVID-19 to Go Away; We Should Plan Accordingly – Gail Tverberg
A Climate of Humane Cultural Change – Dana Visalia
How Resource Depletion Leads to Collapse ~ The Story of a Lost Kingdom – Ugo Mardi
The Collective Consciousness of Humanity Has Cancer: The Prognosis is Dire! – Dick Rauscher
Identifying a Safe and Just Corridor for People and the Planet – Johan Rockström, Joyeeta Gupta, et al
A Moral Failure: Billions of People with No Access to Clean Drinking Water – Volkan Bozkir
Let’s End the Insanity of Colossal Military Spending During a Global Health Emergency – Sonja Scherndl and Adam Parsons
Will There Be Life on Earth? – Cynthia G. Lindner
Ruminations on Resilience, Key to Survivability – Frederic Jennings
A Doughnut Economy Please—But Hold the Agnostic Frosting – Brian Czech
Agribusiness and Agriculture’s Greatest Myth – Jonathan Latham 
21st Century Agroecology ~ Nourishing Transformation – Lynne Davis
Earth Abuse and the Next Pandemic – Stan Cox
Geoengineering the Climate: The Zombie Idea That Just Won’t Die – Kurt Cobb
People Have Shaped Most of Terrestrial Nature for at Least 12,000 Years – Erle C. Ellis et al
Climate Scientists: Concept of Net Zero is a Dangerous Trap of “Business as Usual”  – James Dyke, Robert Watson, Wolfgang Knorr
There Aren’t Enough Trees in the World to Offset Society’s Carbon Emissions – And There Never Will Be – Bonnie Waring
We All Need a Gender Off-Ramp – John Stoltenberg 
Musings on Human Supremacy, Religious Patriarchy, and Industrial Ecology – Luis T. Gutiérrez 

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