The Replenish Earth Newsletter – May 2021

A glimpse of the bold initiative of one who joined us at the London Global Table years ago.
It would be good to have views on Blockchain and or other attempts to bring justice into our bewilderingly unjust societies. Enjoy May’s trial of June’s sunshine

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Hello Replenishers,
Welcome to the May edition of the Replenish Earth newsletter. Our team has been working towards curating exclusive content for you and we have some very exciting projects and insightful conversations coming your way this year. We want to make sure that you sit back and enjoy this ride with us. Take the pledge if you’d like to continue your subscription to Replenish Earth’s monthly newsletter and please share your feedback as a response to this mail. Let us take you on a journey to Replenish Earth!

The world’s largest Architecture and Urban Planning forum, the 27th World Congress of Architects – UIA2021RIO is designed as a transformative event for architects, triggering shifts in professional paths and new commitments to a better world, with attention paid to the environment and the climate, while striving to lessen intra-urban inequalities.Dr.Tia Kansara (@tiakansara) was one of the speakers at ArchiTalks UIA 2021 RIO. In her talk ‘Transforming cities through blockchain’, she discussed how Blockchain can upgrade systems to create smart cities of the future.
Replenish Earth had the opportunity to interview Aliza Ayaz about her climate journey, the role of the youth in decision-making processes and her nuanced and insightful understanding of systemic inequalities and the skewed effects of climate crises. Read our article on Medium!

Did you know?
The Internet is the largest coal-fired machine in the world. It has a large environmental impact that is mostly invisible to the average consumer. Can we make effort to become conscious and critical consumers of not only our physical but also digital spaces? Read our article on Medium!

This month, on the 20th May 202, we celebrated the 4th World Bee Day, designated by the UN to raise awareness of the importance of bees as pollinators, the threats they face and their contribution to sustainable development. Do you want to BEE Informed and find out more about this? Read our article on Medium!

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