Answering “The Anthropocene, where on Earth are we going? “

Please see the forwarded message to the Australian climate & “earth systems” expert,  Will Steffen, written in response his YouTube video, titled: “The Anthropocene, where on Earth are we going?”

———- Forwarded message ———
From: Richard Nelson <>
Date: Fri., Jul. 16, 2021, 3:09 p.m.
Subject: Answering “The Anthropocene, where on Earth are we going?

Dear Will,
I have just been watching your YouTube presentation cited as the subject of this email – and I feel strongly the need to reply and offer an answer. I am confident that we can arrive at the Stable Earth scenario because human consciousness is tipping, not to a downward spiral, but is going to make a great leap to a higher level of alignment where people and the whole of life will thrive together.
The people, from the bottom up, are ready for a massively transformative adoption of vital humanitarian innovation that can and will birth a new relationship of people with food and with Nature that is restorative of the health and wellbeing of people and the whole of life on the planet.
I would ask you to consider that I make this assertion not out of optimism or “hope” but out of substantive proof of concept of the regenerative capability of SolaRoof technology and our products now in production and in early stage of adoption. I understand how challenging it is to ask you to suspend disbelief in regard to such a claim – but, if we are to have a chance to save people and planet, then it going to be something unexpected, and very easily adopted by everyone, everywhere that would make the difference.
SolaRoof is much more than a “technical fix” – you have made the case strongly that the truly transformative change will “close the gap” – in that regard please read:
We’re an OpenSource architecture that goes beyond the most advanced concepts for creating sustainable homes and communities – and this new “ecological architecture” results in a great reduction in the cost of our built environment while delivering abundant food, water and energy, powered by natural sunlight and a transparent building envelope with dynamic capability for heating and cooling based on a new understanding of how we can work with Nature’s own processes of photosynthesis and transpiration to produce regenerative clean energy that has a neutral or negative carbon footprint.
I’m eager to answer your questions!
Reach me on WhatsApp or WeChat on my mobile +1-514-692-9107
Richard NelsonInventor of SolaRoofCTO of PyraPODPromotor of a cooperative enterprise network 

From Cedron Born:
Hi Richard, Thanks for sharing, and for trying to create a global community of believers … looks like we don’t have much time to make an impact.

From Douglas Wright: 
Hi Richard the problem is regrettably its too late. Our climate is like a 100 year long freight train. Even if we stopped all anthropogenic CO2 emissions it would take over 100 years for CO2 levels to drop enough to stop climate change (even that is likely wishful thinking?) We had to stop and act back in the 70’s and 80’s.  We did not and since then its just been a matter of have fast we act to ameliorate the worst outcome.

I wish your statement of Humanity wanting to make massive change was true, but its simply not the case. Still rising C02 levels are the proof. This of course is not to state we should quit trying. Humanity will survive (likely just us and the cockroaches?) but I cannot make the same statement for most life we share Earth with. The changes will be cataclysmic and anyone doubting this should do some research on the history of our planet and realize the last time C02 got this high our planet went anoxic and all surface life was exterminated.

Keep in mind as we warm the clathrates CH4 stored in the tundra and ocean floors will be released. These are 10Cx more powerful than CO2 for warming! The feed back loops are going to wipe out even our greatest measures?

Can we stop or reverse it? Maybe. The problem is the oceans are like huge C02 sponges and no one knows how long before we hit the tipping point because when they hit that point it will be too late. I believe the adage “Rome burned while Nero fiddled” applies right now equally.  

Think of this year’s heat wave. These are just the beginning of what will be logarithmic change in the climate until we can decrease C02 levels by over 100ppm. They are still rising and decreasing them will not be as easy as it was to increase them. It’s possible but the measures needed will be drastic.

The Solaroof is but one solution. We are going to need very expensive solutions such as massive extraction units to extract CO2 from the atmosphere and then convert to Carbon fibres to replace wood plastic and just about everything. Storing Co2 underground will not work nd we will need to replace plastic (from oil) as well as wood (will be destroyed by forest fires far larger that what we are seeing).

Douglas Wright  B.Sc. C.T.

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