What Can a Public Bank Do for the Public?

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July 19, 2021 What a Public Bank Can Do for Real People
OSCAR PERRY ABELLO The little city of Hazen, North Dakota, population 2,300, is the kind of town where farming and ranching families often have a second income from a job at a power plant or a coal mine.
As a teenager, Christie Obenauer, née Huber, frequently made the hourlong drive from Hazen to Bismarck, the state capital, to go shopping with her sister. On the way, they’d usually make a stop to run an errand for their dad, who ran Union State Bank of Hazen.
“We would back up that giant Buick to the back of the old Bank of North Dakota building, they loaded it up with money, and we’d cover it up with a blanket, close the trunk, go to the mall, and come home,” Obenauer says. “That was a different time. Everyone just knew we were the Huber girls.
“Obenauer is the fourth generation in her family to run Union State Bank.
Though it’s a tiny institution in a tiny city, Union State is able to do many things normally beyond the reach of a bank of its size.
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