American Monetary Institute Newsletter 3: July 2021

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Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2021 at 19:39
Subject: American Monetary Institute Newsletter #3, July, 2021
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AFJM Just Money                     AMI Support             AMI Nov. 5th to 7th, 2021    
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Dear Peter
As we prepare for the AMI 2021 Conference, we are in contact with people from different countries. The network of monetary reform groups is growing, and people are learning together, in common understanding: bank-created money is an injustice to societies. Communication and creating a groundswell of understanding are crucial to our cause.

To help make this happen, our sister organization, The Alliance for Just Money, is sponsoring the Just Money Festival (registration at the bottom of the linked page) this Friday evening, July 23rd, and Saturday, July 24th, starting at noon Central Time! It will be invigorating, with good communication being the central theme. Learning and fun can go together. Please consider it!

This summer has been busy for AMI. With a paid college intern, Cathal, we are cataloging and scanning the writings of former AMI directors Stephen Zarlenga and Bob Poteat. The AMI website is being moved to the WordPress platform, updated to remove 143 error messages, and given a makeover for our times. We are getting ready with better technology to host the 2021 AMI Conference. A big part of the technology is a new computer to replace AMI’s over 12 years-old desktop computer that doesn’t meet present-day needs.

To meet part of these costs, we have received a challenge. If AMI can raise $5,000 in donations to help with these costs, an unnamed donor will donate an additional $1000. If you are in a position to donate at this time, it would be greatly appreciated. Please send checks to AMI at the address below or use this PayPal account. Thank You!

The tentative plan for the AMI Conference is to roughly follow the same format as last year. We will have a Friday introduction session primarily for people new to monetary reform and a social gathering for veterans. Saturday and Sunday will include a variety of presentations.

Researcher Joseph Huber has given us the following theme for his talk: Tidal changes in the historical composition of the money supply. The incipient decline of now dominant bankmoney and the rise of sovereign digital currency. More updates will follow! 

Steven Walsh, an AMI Steward who is looking for other non-paid stewards who can afford the time. Thank You :
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