Marshall Mcluhan came to mind…..and I found these quotes

A pert reminder of Marshal McLuhan’s perceptive wit.Thanks JennyPeter

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Subject: Marshall Mcluhan came to mind…………………..and I found these quotes

“There is an impression abroad that literary folk are fast readers. Wine tasters are not heavy drinkers. Literary people read slowly because they sample the complex dimensions and flavors of words and phrases. They strive for totality not lineality. They are well aware that the words on the page have to be decanted with the utmost skill. Those who imagine they read only for “content” are illusioned.”
― Marshall McLuhan, Verbi, Voco, Visual Explorations
Like “Some days, I wish the whole fucking world would just ‘phone in sick.”
― Marshall McLuhan
22 likesLike“The wheel… is an extension of the foot.
The book… is an extension of the eye…
Clothing, an extension of the skin…
Electric circuitry, an extension of the central nervous system.”
― Marshall McLuhan,
 The Medium is the Massage
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“Someone asked me if I really believed there was life after death. I replied: Do you really believe there is any life before death?”
― Marshall McLuhan
“The greatest discovery of the 21st century will be the discovery that Man was not meant to live at the speed of light.”
― Marshall McLuhan, 
The Global Village: Transformations in World Life and Media in the 21st Century

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