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31 August 2021 
How can we make the earth a home for all this Season of Creation?
| Letter to the Colossians | Great Fire of London
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Season of Creation
The theme of this year’s Season of Creation, which runs from 1 September to 4 October, is ‘A home for all? Renewing the Oikos of God’. Sign up to receive updates about events and resources at seasonofcreation.org >>
‘As we attend to creation, we might notice within ourselves a desire to act more gently toward this created world, to exercise more self-control over our consumption, recognising that we do have an impact on the created world.’ How might the gift of wisdom help us to respond to the ‘cry of the earth and the cry of the poor’?  Read >>
And find more reading on Thinking Faith about caring for our common home >>
Growing Our Future
Ahead of the United Nations’ COP26 in Glasgow in November, Jesuit Missions invites you to grow as a climate change activist, grow as a discerning individual and grow as a steward for God’s creation through the Growing Our Future campaign. Every month, Jesuit Missions will email you a campaigning action, a lifestyle change and a spiritual reflection.  Sign up today >>
The Earth Sessions
Last year, Pray As You Go, together with IMAGINE and the Laudato Si’ Movement, created a space in which you can encounter creation with God, reflect on your own experiences and discern the ways you are moved into action to care for our common home. Pray the Earth Sessions >>
Spotlight on Scripture:
A series of first readings from Paul’s Letter to the Colossians begins on 1 September.
The Letter to the Colossians
Brian Purfield explains why Paul thought it was necessary to write to the likeable but easily-influenced community of Christians in Colossae.  Read >>
The Letter to the Colossians: Jesus & the universe
Paul tells the Colossians that Christ is the ‘the first-born of all creation’ – why was this such an important message for Paul to teach, and how do we let this shape our faith?  Read >>
From the archive: 
Setting the world on fire?
Anti-Catholicism and the Great Fire of London
Historian Thomas M. McCoog SJ surveys the religious and political landscape in which Catholics – and particularly Jesuits – became the prime suspects for the Great Fire of London, which began on 2 September 1666.  Read >>

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