Urgent: Extinction Alert

From: Gregorio Mirabal from the Wakuenai Kurripako people, with Avaaz <avaaz@avaaz.org>
Date: Wed, 8 Sept 2021 at 08:50
Subject: Urgent: Extinction Alert
To: peterchallen@gmail.com <peterchallen@gmail.com>

I am writing to you personally as the leader of more than 500 Indigenous nations. I’m at the world’s largest conservation summit, fighting for Indigenous rights and the goal of protecting half the planet, including 80% of the Amazon. But ambition is being throttled by politics, and we’re only a handful of indigenous leaders here, but if millions of citizens back our call, we can wake them up! I will personally deliver our voices to all Members of the IUCN, calling on them to protect our homelands and at least half the planet to ensure life on Earth thrives. Click to join and tell everyone!
Dear Avaaz community, I’m writing to you as the leader of more than 500 Indigenous nations across the Amazon to ask for your support. Days ago, I left my home, my family, and my mother, the Amazon rainforest, to attend the world’s biggest conservation summit and deliver an urgent call to protect at least half the planet, including 80% of the Amazon.
We MUST protect the forests, rivers, and oceans that sustain us all, from the Amazon to Africa and Indonesia. Our survival depends on it. But too many of our leaders are still blinded by short-term political compromises — refusing to stop our forests from burning, our rivers from dying, and thousands and thousands of species going extinct. So we’re taking a stand. We’re only a handful of indigenous leaders here, but if millions across the world back us, we can wake them up!

So join me now, and I will use my speech to governments to deliver our voices in the heart of the negotiations, urging them to protect our homelands and at least half the Earth — before it’s too late:Click here to join and tell everyone
My people have defended the Amazon for generations. But it’s not just the Amazon — Indigenous communities are responsible for protecting 80% of the world’s biodiversity. Without our wisdom, our customary practices and our dedication to Mother nature, life on Earth is at greater risk — day and night, we are risking our lives to defend what’s left of nature.

That’s why I refuse to go back to my home with empty promises from our governments.
This is a chance for us to create a beautiful, new relationship with nature, honouring the great web of life, on which we are all entirely dependent. Humanity is driving the next mass extinction, which means we can stop it — if we all act together.

This is the first time we, Indigenous people, have a voice and a vote at the IUCN Congress — and I will fight tooth and nail to ensure our leaders hear the people and the planet speaking through them.

Click to join, and help us reach 3 million people backing the call to save nature, while we still can:
Click here to join and tell everyone
We, the Indigenous peoples of the Amazon, have a long history with Avaaz. This community has been instrumental in our fight to protect the world’s biggest rainforest, home to more than 500 Indigenous nations. We are stronger together, hand in hand, and now we have a unique chance to deliver a joint message in the corridors of power. Join now.

With hope and determination,
Gregorio Mirabal, General Coordinator of the COICA (Coordinator of Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon River Basin), together with Avaaz
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