Accrued insights that CCMJ and the Global Open Table accumulated

Dear Associates of the CCMJ and Global Table,

For a long time on this richly diverse network of associates we’ve tried to find pithy ways of sharing matters pertaining to the Common Good thought by most to be too complex to unravel. As age and responsibilities increase we wonder if before falling silent we should offer some of the summaries the CCMJ and the Global Table offered at various stages of their still extant life. .
You’ll receive a few examples of power-point slides over the next few weeks under that subject heading, so that you can note them for a convenient time at which to consider any of them in terms of your present commitments.and communications. Below is one example from when we entered 2021 ……. and attached is the 16 slide set from which it is extracted.

Brace yourself with Pragmatism,
in nature’s Principled context.
Even when heads and legs
have lost their zest
persist in the vital pilgrim quest
for justice, peace, harmony
on this sacred planet, Earth.

Enable Common Good to abound,
the call of inclusive justice to resound,
for life’s inherent creativity readily
leads us into 2021, encouragingly.
and now we are approaching 2022
and the urgency mounts.

Yours in our shared trusteeship of this sacred planet, 
Peter and Steve


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