Good Money After Bad

Peter Challen asks: “Have you seen this article?”
THE CHURCH TIMES carries this fairly thorough article on positive use of your money, albeit ‘palliative care’ in relation to the even more urgent need of profound structural change’.
Clare Bryden suggests ten ways to use personal finance for a better world, as follows: 1. Move your bank account 2. Work less, live and give more?3. ‘Use your LOAF’4. Put your energy in the right place5. Support the Black economy6 Keep it local7. Explore ethical investment8. Campaign for disinvestment9. Offset the remainder10. Plan a pension for the future.
The article includes 40 links to a wide range of websites for further information and adds that Good Money Week runs from 4th to 8th October 2021: Read the full article here:

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