Allodium Reigns, Impoverishing Gaia

Dear Associates
A group’s pondering upon a word and its hidden judgement upon us all….
unlikely to be heard at COP26 !

Allodium Reigns, Impoverishing Gaia

World news floods with concern for the poor,
yet symbols of vested interest,
the rich are safe behind their exploitative closed door,
unconscious of the extent of their ill pitch.

Profoundly significant words oft fade from use,
When challenging encultured behaviour.
A grotesque, if hidden, form of this abuse,.
of Gaia’s gifted Common Wealth we all should favour,

lies in a faded word, a deep conceit, ‘ALLODIUM’.
‘Estate held in absolute ownership, acknowledging no superior’.  
It identifies the few who occupy life’s power podium:
below which all earth’s animation grows ever more inferior.

The poor for whom we feel increased compassion
now include wind and wave, land and ocean, bird,
beast, flora, fauna, all matter macro- and micro- cosmic,
bereft by this major mortal sin, THEFT OF THE COMMONS
by the extreme arrogance of legally allowing Allodium.

Improvements and further use welcomed,

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