DEEP ADAPTATION Essential to Deep Universalism & Ecumenism

Hard on the heels of yesterday’s reminder of wisdom garnered from the Global Table’s long encouragement of deep dialogue, comes Professor Jem Bendell’s bold and erudite team drive ‘Deep Adaptation‘ see below. This edition charts so clearly the nature of the paradigm shift in which we must all be engaged.
I attach the two charts from within that article itself that allow each of us to assess how we and our communities are facing up to the tremendous challenges: Learning to Adapt and Paradign Shift Necessary.
It relates well to the Global Table’s early charting of the structure of the human Household that we must turn into a Home attuned to inclusive justice….. and, as we now understand so much more thoroughly…. to nature. Our earlier House to Home chart is also attached as a reminder in itself, but also in its relationship to this magnificent drive for Deep Adaptation. See also:
Please sign in to join the drive of Deep Adaptation – see below. The lives of all of us are governed by ‘Ubuntu’ – ‘I am because we are’ – trustees of this sacred planet.
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freshly published blog posts… Learning to Deeply Adapt – Together
In this post, Kimberley Hare reflects on the journey towards deep adaptation.
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