“Unsustainable” by Richard Joy – recommended book

Another request for comment from any associate able to access this new book.
Yours Peter
Recommended Book: Unsustainable: The Urgent Need to Transform Society and Reverse Climate Change by Richard Joy: This book is an urgent call to reimagine our social, political and economic systems so that we might transform to a sustainable society. It considers whether an alternative economic model is possible and examines the factors needed to enable such a transition to occur. The scale and pace of change is unprecedented and the author examines the actions that have to be taken by governments, business and individuals if we are to address the environmental disaster that confronts us. Much needs to change but ultimately, this is a book of hope, believing that evolution to a better, more sustainable society is possible.
£19.98  Bristol University Press  Published  13 October 2021  Paperback EAN/UPC  9781529218022: https://bristoluniversitypress.co.uk/unsustainable

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