Reflecting on Advent and Bethlehem

Two timely reflections out of a group discussion:


No, not ‘Watching and Waiting’; advent is preparation,
rehearsing all that Jesus, the exemplar, has enacted and spoken, 
deduced in his time from biblical searching for inclusive justice.

Now is the time and need for action, time to be oneself
alive in awareness and responses to our persistent calling;
to realise our incarnate potential, not birthed in us to lie idle.

With such preparation for these four weeks ahead,
a recovery might yet restore significance to Bethlehem,
its poetic account of every ordinary child being born to

follow the less trodden road as humble kin[g]dom stewards;
each in their unique way serving the Common Good,
refreshed throughout by God’s continuous, gifted creativity.

This past year, Amanda Gorman in ‘The Hill We Climb’,
broke through presidential rituals to elaborate the
Advent task with insights from the plain stables of ordinary lives.


Primarily Indigenous peoples’ experiencing survival.
Then Mystics’ sensing creation’s gifted animation. |
Now Scientists’ accelerating confirmatory discoveries.
Such leads provide together contemporary articulation 
of what the core of Christian faith encouragingly inspires.

However, you now serve the Common Good, continue diligently. 
But in addition, day after day, press for societal restructuring.
free of usurious money, countering the theft of the Commons, 
requiring the design of cooperation in our rich range of skills,
without a superior elite creating belittling ‘power-over’ others.

Thus, together we honour the dignity in each unique talent,
each skill respected and encouraged by all contributors,
evolving into teamwork required to achieve that Common Good.
In such a restructured society, through you and me, ‘God’
will be seen anew as the eternal generator of inclusive justice.

Yours in contemplating our insights and responses from faith 

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