Everything under the Sun!!!! But where is the gatherer?

Deeply stirred by the new dialogue between Shakespeare and Nelson on the Sun Paradigm, I spent a night half-waking half dreaming, only to see Mary Fee’s notes in the morning, just as I finished trying to make notes on those wild searching dreams……as follows:

One world in view on so many fronts – but how do we unite in a voice for all?
What is the appropriate leadership model [of anonymity for the truth’s sake, not the scribe’s] and to counter the encultured grip of rampant individualism and exploitation?
Abandon rank all who enter here‘ to encourage an inclusive and bold dialogue [observing the ’12 tips’ – see findings of 20 years at the London Global Table]
All in the context of a contextual hierarchy of Sovereignty [See notes on request and about to be published in SOTT]
There are so many strong instruments to be orchestrated into global harmony – composing for a choir of macro and micro instruments, each contributing a note, a tune, a voice, a vital part.

Examples birthing the urgently needed Critical Mass:
– A Sun Paradigm [Shakespeare & Nelson lead]
– Deep Ecumenism [WCC].
– Deep Adaptation [Bendell] , 
– Deep Universalism [many probings], 
– Earth Shot Prizes UK [practical earth preservation initiatives
– Compass [the beginning of compassion??] 
– Holos [Van Wyk] and Natural Inclusion [Rayner]
– Progressive Christian Networks [of UK & USA] 
– diverse One World Networks 
– The Gaia Foundation 
– a range of Radical Economists and politicians; 
– ‘A Tri-Biblical notion [dream undeveloped].

So much for dreaming – now the daylight to take further amidst our daily routines and immediate new challenges
Yours, Peter 

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