ICUK on a Democracy fit for the 21st Century + response

Dear Associates in your rich variety,
The world is full of questions about Democracy as it is about the dignity of all and their participation in the replenishment of the earth… Your views are sought on this draft statement on a Democracy fit for the 21st Century…. and to a new economy beyond!!
Attached herewith is a draft of the latest expression of this vital questioning flowing out of years of dialogue.  It is found also on the new address for ICUK which for future reference is now:
Please make time to read it and to make your valued comments  –  sending them to and to

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IC-UK’s draft on Democracy is gathering some valued comments. Here is another reminding us of Tom Greco’s diligence in interpreting principles of just money in pragmatic opportunities. Peter
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From: Robert Simpson <>
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2021 at 19:53
Subject: What a just and fair civilisation looks like pace Thomas Greco
To: Michael Mulvey <>, <>
Dear Peter,
Searching for ways to allow local people to invest in ethical cohousing, a form of cohousing that addresses housing inequality, I’m interested in P2P investment and Open Credit Networking that would allow private housing equity to be released into building affordable and sustainable cohousing dwellings.
I’ve just watched this video by Thomas Greco and it inspires me to think that a local cohousing project could be funded, at least in part, by local social investors especially in here in the SE where housing equity values, aka economic rents, are going through the roof. The video is embedded in his Beyond Money website
Thmas Greco is also an advisor to the Open Credit Network team. One of the co-founders is Dave Darby who also co-founded Low and has a keen personal interest in setting up a cohousing scheme. 
A local ethical cohousing initiative addressing housing inequality by redistributing the accumulation of economic rent by property-owning downsizers might jinx the system 😃 Who knows!
Best wishes, Rob. 

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