SIMPOL says: “Only together can we change our world”

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Dear Peter,

An inconclusive COP26, yet more potentially dangerous Covid variants, more migrants dying as they attempt to find safety – when, I ask myself, will all this misery and chaos end?

It’s easy to become depressed. But then I ask myself: John, when did you ever really change? When in your life did you finally sit up, grow up and take responsibility?

I have to admit it was only when a crisis of some kind had hit me. It was only when the water was up round my neck that I finally took action to change.

So, is it any wonder, I ask myself, that the world may be exactly the same? Maybe it’s only to be expected that things must get worse and hit a point of crisis before people en masse wake up and realise that only global cooperation can solve these problems; that only together can we change our world?

“Only together can we change our world” is, in fact, Simpol’s new tagline, so expect to see it on our websites and other communications soon. Suggested by UK supporter Matthew Stockford in response to a recent supporter survey, Simpol’s international management felt that it perfectly summed up Simpol and its purpose. So, a big ‘thank you’ to Matthew!

In other news, Simpol’s influence among politicians continues to grow. In the recent German Federal election, the number of German MPs pledged to implement Simpol alongside other governments grew from 15 to 40. Coming from all the main German political parties, they include Germany’s Minister of the Environment (2018-21) Svenja Schulze.

Perhaps knowing the structural shortcomings of the UN COP process, politicians are increasingly recognising Simpol as a viable alternative and are signing the Simpol Pledge. Simpol differs from the UN COP in three key ways:It’s multi-issue: Whereas COP deals with only one single issue – carbon emission reductions – Simpol incorporates a multi-issue approach. Simpol would incorporate a global currency transactions tax (or other global tax) so that the vast proceeds could be used to compensate those nations having the most emissions to cut.  In that way, what a nation might lose on one issue it can gain on another, so making a meaningful agreement in every nation’s immediate interests much more likely.

It’s about policies, not targets: COP is only an agreement on targets for emissions cuts, not on what each nation will actually do to achieve those targets. Since no nation knows exactly what other nations will do, nor when, every nation remains fearful for the competitiveness of its industries. Predictably, little action is taken and emissions are left to grow unchecked. Under Simpol, nations would agree the precise policies they would each implement to achieve the agreed targets – and they’d be implemented by all nations simultaneously. Nothing hidden – no excuses!

We don’t ask, we compel: Finally, COP gives us, citizens, no say or sway in what is agreed or whether it’s actually implemented. If politicians don’t act, there are no consequences. But with Simpol, we, you, all of us can use our votes to drive our politicians and governments towards the kind of robust agreements that are truly needed. And we can have a strong influence on their content. As the Simpol voting bloc grows, politicians will have no choice but to comply.In other news, Simpol was strongly featured in the online Dutch news journal De Correspondent leading to a large number of new supporters and a Dutch campaign ready to roll! If you’re Dutch or live in the Netherlands and want to get involved, please contact Simpol-NL’s National Coordinator Timothy Bland If you live elsewhere and want to help the campaign in your country, get in touch with Simpol in your country.

For me, supporting Simpol is about taking personal responsibility to use my right to vote to leverage the global changes we so desperately need. No longer do I believe that this or that politician or party can deliver systemic change on their own. Only with a global, citizen-driven campaign such as Simpol can we take matters into our own hands in a way that transforms national politics to cooperatively solve global problems. That’s why Simpol needs you too. Because, let’s face it: “only together can we change our world”.

With thanks,
John and the Simpol Team Get in touch

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