The need for a fundamentally new mindset and a bid to explain and implement it as SUN PARADIGM

Dear Associates,
Greetings this festive time. In a pause in your uplifting gatherings ‘grounded’ or ‘online’, please find a reflective hour to note the poignant messages below.   
Two highly significant contributions to the turn of the year and the urgent task ahead have surfaced in a single  week, heralding a new drive for 2022. Together they constitute important insights on the fundamental shift of consciousness needed. 
Further to the earlier reminder of the findings of the 1962 Dundee Report on the profound and exponential dangers of a usurious money system, these two highly articulate and timely Papers open up both the Personal and the Societal ways we can all contribute to an urgent awakening to an unprecedented global threat.   
1. From Together for the Common Good, Jenny Sinclair’s  A New Formation for a New Age  2400 words of a profound examination of how application of faith in life and in its purpose must evolve
2. Rodney Shakespeare’s The Sun Paradigm’ – 8000 words [divided between the nature of the challenge [ 6500 words basic description and 1500 words on the 58 interactive faults.
The first is in immediately accessible language. Please then don’t start on the second, only quickly to say ‘I’m no economist.’ 
Every one of us contributes to earth’s ecological economy and we have short time in which to learn how to develop an understanding of the deep fault lines in the ingrained western model of an exploitative ‘Economics’. We must all become participants in a critical mass to expose and change it. 
If you are still hesitant to seek to digest Rodney Shakespeare’s neatly structured case for a new money system, you might start with the appendage of 58 interrelated faults that we have inherited and unwittingly sustained. Then it will be clearer why the main article must be patiently absorbed.
Yours in our shared trusteeship of this scared planet,

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