Mother Pelican: January 2022

This significant year opens with another ‘Mother Pelican’ brimming with valuable articles. Its an important site for new Proposals and so rich in thought we need help from you if you would read and comment on any choice you make. It would be my intention at least to look at pieces by the following – BUT doubt I’ll manage it: Jeffrey Smith, Dave Pollard, Cormac Goga, Murphy Jr., Luis Gutierrez and his foot note (all asterisked the list below). Please feed us any pertinent or polished pearls you unearth for Gaia’s health!

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A Note on Climate Change and Cultural Denial – William Rees
Ecological Justice Border Crossings ~ Part 4 ~ The Global Electrical Circuit: Enabling the Digital Epidemic  – Cara Judea Alhadeff 
The Three Phases of Human History  – Chris Sunderland
Don’t Confuse a Symptom with the Problem: Overpopulation, Not Climate Change, Is the Real Emergency – Madeline Weld
Appropriate Technology, Traditional Cultures, and Degrowth – Alex Jensen
Can a Doughnut Heal Our World? – Bhikkhu Bodhi
* Money, a Symbol, vs Rent, a Real Surplus – Jeffrey J. Smith
Critical Minerals Problem: Supply Chain Issues Come to the Fore – Kurt Cobb
Technology Is About to Make Economics and Politics Much More Fraught – Keith Zeff
Global Migration and the Complex Interplay Between Environmental and Social Factors – Venla Niva
The End of Growth: Ten Years After – Richard Heinberg
Is It Possible That the World Is Approaching End Times? – Gail Tverberg
* The End of the Common Good  – Dave Pollard
Global Economic Inequality: What Matters Most For Your Living Conditions Is Where You Are – Max Roser
Nuclear Power’s Catastrophic Economic Failure – Jim Green
The Road to a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty – Peter Newell
Prolegomena to Christian Environmental Ethics ~ Part 2 – Walter Scott Stepanenko
The Economic Content of the “Our Father” Prayer – Carmine Gorga
Broken Mirror: Human Alienation, Human Supremacy, Mass Extinction – Eileen Crist
Solidarity Economy – A First Step – Luis Razeto Migliaro
A Steady State Economy Is for the Birds – Kate McFarland
2021 Revealed the Fragility of Global Agrifood Systems – Mario Lubetkin
Modernity Is Incompatible with Planetary Limits: Developing a PLAN for the Future T.W. Murphy Jr. et al
From Homo economicus to Homo ecologicus ~ Sequel 1 ~ Conscious Evolution Luis T. Gutiérrez

Human development in harmony with nature is the existential challenge of our time. The goal of this journal is to foster integral human development and an integral ecology. You are invited to submit comments, suggestions, and articles for publication. Deadline is the 15th of the month to be considered for the following month.
Luis T. Gutiérrez
Mother Pelican Journal

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