The Edge: Time to Upshift

Where and when  might this lively collaborative quest identify and pin down the basic structural changes that we have but short time in which to act decisively. Who feels they can offer these Evolutionary Leaders a roadworthy way to tackle -, Theft of the Commons, Usury and Hierarchical Patriarchy ???? 
Don’t miss the fine poem on ‘The Tireles Awakening’ well down among these strong searchings and solutions. Peter
“We are coming together to transcend our status as a bystander into a status of an active contemporary witness. Because we are a community with many people online right now, we also become a resonance body.

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Subject: The Edge: Time to Upshift
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The Edge April 2022

Calling All Evolutionary Leaders in Service to Conscious Evolution!
Together, we can accelerate the evolution of human consciousness and co-create the future. Are we ready to step into our power and take an Evolutionary Leap?

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