Mother Pelican – May 2022

Mother Pelican 
A Journal of Solidarity and Sustainability

Vol. 18, No. 5, May 2022
Luis T. Gutiérrez, Editor

Unity in Diversity: Foundation of Resilience
Resilience requires unity in diversity, starting with the unity of male and female, whence all other forms of unity in all other dimensions of diversity derive. So much human agency is wasted in fabricating and enforcing differences and hierarchies of domination. We would do well to spend more time and energy actualizing the natural unity of man and woman, and the natural unity of humanity and the ecosphere. Such unity in diversity is the foundation of resilience and the best hope to survive the ecological crisis, which is primarily a crisis of the human spirit (cf. Rex Weyler, The Jesus Sayings, 2008, p.325). 

Let Us Save the Biodiversity of the Planet

– Shay Cullen
Interlude 4 ~ Radical Self Accountability: An Antidote to Greenwashing 

– Cara Judea Alhadeff
The New Feudalism of Oligarchs and Wage Slaves

– Dave Pollard
How Corporate Dominance Is Driving Civilization to a Precipice

– Jeremy Lent
The Coming Global Financial Revolution: Russia Is Following the American Playbook

– Ellen Brown
How to Solve Money Woes of the World Using the Bancor

– Carmine Gorga
Our Economic System Is Making Us Mentally Ill

– Lynn Parramore
A Simple Litmus Test for Democracy and Freedom

– Carter Dillard
Nine Strategies to Stop Short of 9 Billion – Ten Years On

– The Overpopulation Project
A New Approach for Defining Optimum Population Size

– Fons Jena
Colonial Ecologies of the Half Earth

– Austin Miles
War and Sustainability: Dispelling the Renewable Energy Illusion

– William Rees
The Persisting Failure of the Global Elites

– Richard Heinberg
Easier Said Than Done: National Self-sufficiency in a Changed World

– Kurt Cobb
Resource Limits and Our Strange Game of Musical Chairs

– Kurt Cobb
Greenwashing God: The Danger of Religious Environmentalism

– David Mountain
Earth Day 1970-2022: Enemies and Opportunities

– Wes Jackson & Robert Jensen
The World Has a Major Crude Oil Problem ~ Expect Conflict Ahead

– Gail Tverberg
An Alternative Energy Strategy to Stimulate Rapid Transition

– Andrew Simms & Freddie Daley
We Need to Slow Down the Process of De-growth With Nuclear Energy

– Natasha Thoday
On Science, Spirituality, and the Emergence of Life

– Dana Visalli
Masculine & Feminine ~ A Non-Binary View

– Rhonda Fabian
Patriarchy and the Cultural Roots of the Climate Crisis

– Asher Miller & Amy Westervelt
From Homo economicus to Homo ecologicus ~ Sequel 5 ~ Human Agency
– Luis T. Gutiérrez
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