Mother Pelican – July 2022

Herewith is the next trawl of treasures and the invitation to feed our network with comments on any that strike you of pertinence to the new consciousness described in Luis Gutierrez’s final paragraph. Peter

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A Journal of Solidarity and SustainabilityVol. 18, No. 7, July 2022
Luis T. Gutiérrez, Editor
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Dynamics of Integral Human Development: There is ONE humanity, male and female.
Image by Tim Mossholder in Unsplash.  


Needs, Greeds, and Population – Martin Tye
Interlude 6 ~ Embodying the Tree of Life in the Tree of Knowledge  – Cara Judea Alhadeff
Social Unsustainability: The Case of Slum Societies – Arup Kanti Konar 
Cultural Division as a Selective Advantage: Bottom-up Thinking – Christopher Bystroff
The Link Between Cardiovascular Disease and GDP Growth – Taylor Lange
Why We Must Change Our Behaviour to Create a Truly Sustainable World – Colm Fahy
The Great Carbon Capture Scam – Rex Weyler
What People Don’t Get about This Inflation Spike – Andrew Nikiforuk
Inflation, Scarcity, and the Road to Survival – Andrew Nikiforuk
Demonic War ~ It Is a Corrupt System – Eileen Crist
The Other Reason for Putin’s Rush to War: Russian Oil Dependency – Sandy Smith-Nonini
The Critical Theory of Pope Francis ~ Part I: Laudato Si, On Care For Our Common Home – Michael Welton
The Deadly Sin of the Human Species – Victor M. Toledo
The Ignorance of Wealth – Eliza Daley
How Much Land Is Needed to Stop the Biodiversity Crisis? – Warren Cornwall
Supply Chain Failures: Another Reason for Localized Economies – Helena Norberg-Hodge, et al.
Beyond Magical Thinking: Time to Get Real on Climate Change -Vaclav Smil
For Your Consideration: To be Anti-Growth is to be Pro-Humanity – Karen Shragg
Global Systems Accounting: Beyond Economics – Arthur Lyon Dahl
From Subsidiarity to Solidarity and Sustainability – Carmine Gorga
Cultivating Generative Communities – Lauren Elizabeth Clare
Men and Feminism ~ Do Your Own Thing and Do the Right Thing – Robert Jensen
Beyond Gender Categories: The Bissu of Sulawesi – Najiyah Martiam
From Homo economicus to Homo ecologicus ~ Sequel 7 ~ Personal Dynamics – Luis T. Gutiérrez

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