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Another searching treasury of explorations of the task before us all. If you value this MPelican as a regular source please sign in for direct receipt. I may not be able to forward it in the future.You might care to submit your own article or essay.’Human development in harmony with nature is the existential challenge of our time. The goal of this journal is to foster integral human development and integral ecology.

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Social Dynamics in the Age of Hydrocarbons

The patriarchal mindset of dominion and exploitation of nature, exacerbated in our industrial-technocratic civilization by the power of fossil fuels, is making the planet socially and ecologically dysfunctional. Click on the image to view a diagram that explains what is happening. Human civilization is now in a paradoxical situation: “If human consumption growth continues, the planetary life support system will be disabled and humanity will itself become endangered. If consumption growth is stopped, the viability of the world’s economic and financial systems will be threatened, and the stability of governments and society will deteriorate.”  

Ecocosm Dynamics

We Only Have One Earth – Cody Peluso
Ecological Justice Border Crossings ~ Part 6 ~ An Evolutionary Guide to the Ecozoic through Epigenetics – Cara Judea Alhadeff
The Degrowth Conundrum – Ted Trainer
Will Civilization Collapse Because It’s Running Out of Oil? – Richard Heinberg
The Dual Population Problem: People and Things – Wes Jackson & Robert Jensen
World Population Is Growing Faster Than We Thought – Jane O’Sullivan
The Ecological Clarity that the Ukraine War Brings ~ A Paradox and Its Explanation – Saral Sarkar
The Local Planet and the Global Empire of Corporations – Victor M. Toledo
Plunging Into the Polycrisis – Erik Assadourian
Population and the Great Transition – Ian Lowe
State of the World: Civilizational Crisis, Drama, or Tragedy? – Leonardo Boff
The Critical Theory of Pope Francis ~ Part III: Laudato Si, The Human Roots of the Ecological Crisis – Michael Welton
Improving Brain Functioning and Social Change – Andrew Gaines
Is It Just the Heat, or Does the Concept of ‘Uneconomic Growth’ Make a Lot More Sense Now? – John Letzing
8 Billion Humans? Population Is a Difficult Conversation, But We Need to Start Getting Real – Carter Dillard
Is Degrowth the Future? – Jorge Pinto
The Future of the Planet Is in Our Hands ~ Effective Activism Is Essential

– C.J. Polychroniou
Why No Politician Is Willing to Tell Us the Real Energy Story – Gail Tverberg
Our Research Shows That Big Oil’s Plans for Combating Climate Crisis Are Bunk

– Robert Brecha & Gaurav Ganti
Changing the Diagnosis and Changing the Cure – Megan Seibert
The Future of Artificial Intelligence in the Context of Industrial Ecology

– Franco Donati et al
Homo Narcissus, Economicus, and Idiotus – Harsha Perera
The Age of Dominion ~ Where Does Religion Fit Into the Anthropocene?

– John Biewen
From Homo economicus to Homo ecologicus ~ Sequel 9 ~ Social Dynamics

– Luis T. Gutiérrez

Human development in harmony with nature is the existential challenge of our time. The goal of this journal is to foster integral human development and an integral ecology.
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