The American Monetary Institute Conference Starts this Friday!

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From: Steven Walsh <>
Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2022 at 16:27
Subject: The American Monetary Institute Conference Starts this Friday!
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Hi Peter This year’s AMI Conference is this coming Friday to Sunday, October 7,8,9, and  has five themes. One international theme is to look at the status of countries that were or remain under economic colonialism. False ideas around money creation were core to economic development and policy. The second international theme is to consider transformational thinking as a way to face the challenges to the web of life on this planet, including the role of human economic development. A third theme is the psychological and cultural effects of living under a plutocracy where the financial system has growing domination over the landscape. A fourth theme is to consider further how the present monetary system works. The fifth theme is to propose a variety of ideas to replace it.

While the American Monetary Institute adheres to the three pillars of monetary reform that Stephen Zarlenga described, it nonetheless engages with individuals, organizations, and communities who come to monetary thinking from many different lenses. While there may well be a better framework that explains the present circumstances and plausible proposals in the future, we expect to find a divergency of fair and just ways for communities or nations to choose from by which to make their own progress. Helping this process along will be the work of future conferences. In the meantime, we will find natural connections with other concerned parties and organizations, and we will progress together. 

While the AMI Conference is not a conference that gives an introduction to monetary reform, the curious person is certainly invited to attend. They should find that they will be able to make connections. The Conference Schedule and registration are here. The last Newsletter that highlights speakers is here. Check out the conference and visit. If your English is so-so, you can view subtitles in the following languages: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Ukrainian. The registration is only a requested donation, and your presence is more to us than your money!  Some people are paying for a second and third extra person, and we all are grateful. The 2022 AMI Conference  Team
Steven Walsh
Govert Schuller
Tabitha Enriquez
Alfonso Saldano
And Joe, Bruce, Albert, Frans, Djamester,
Luciano, Mary, Lucille, Nick and Fernanda 

1860 Sherman Ave.
Apt. 4NE
Evanston Illinois 60201

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