Millions need a Basic Income

I had just read the phrase ‘action beyond ambition’ when the email below hit my screen.It struck me as a good example. !!??Perhaps some of this network would like to report action opportunities in the face of so many pointers to human responsibility for Gaian disasters.
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From: Cleo, Basic Income Conversation <>
Date: Sat, 12 Nov 2022 at 10:00
Subject: Millions need a basic income. Peter Challen, help us deliver it.
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Basic Income Conversation
Peter Challen, A lot has changed over the two and a half years of the Basic Income Conversation. But one thing has only gotten more clear: the time has come for a basic income.  Our government has plunged us all into chaos, with living standards at a record low and poverty at a record high.  Anything that used to resemble a safety net in the UK has been hollowed out. This winter, many of us will be faced with impossible choices.  Just at the time when millions of people in the UK are suffering and need support the most, our measly benefits system is facing more cuts.  A basic income would guarantee financial security for all.  The urgent need for basic income is only growing, and that means we need to grow this movement.  We need your help to make basic income a reality.  Will you donate £20 to push this work forward? Donate Now
Through the pandemic, the cost of living crisis and ongoing political chaos hundreds of people have told us the difference a basic income would make. Peace of mind, access to the essentials and the ability to make the right choices to flourish. We know that the basic income movement is more important than ever. We’ve come a long way. Peter Challen, your support helped us take basic income to the central government and form a cross-party group of politicians from all levels of government who push for change. There is a world leading basic income pilot ongoing in Wales.
We have published dozens of written and video resources. Worked on actions with thousands of co-signers on everything from mental health to pilots. We’ve even run a crowdfunded basic income micropilot, getting much needed cash to people in need.
A radical overhaul of our social security system is coming. This is now not a question of if – but when. So now we need your help to move basic income beyond conversation. We want to demonstrate the impact of unconditional cash, and use this to unite politicians, civil society and the public to make this the moment we secure a permanent basic income for all in the UK. We have been working with communities to build basic income micro-pilot proposals. We don’t need to wait around for the government to put cash in people’s pockets.
The stark contrast of lives improving during the temporary basic income pilot set against the backdrop of the current system will transform the debate into a powerful movement. Your donation now will help us launch these proposals and start work to get the projects off the ground. Donate Now.
Despite the incredibly high levels of public and political support, despite the urgent need for big solutions to pressing problems, basic income is still an underfunded issue. We know the tipping point just ahead of us and that makes it so important that we can continue with our work. Your help will make all the difference. 
Thank you, Cleo   
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