Mother Pelican: January 2023

Another Treasury of pertinent articles from Mother Pelican. Any responses to articles you read would be valuable on our network I’d value in particular responses to  Fiduciary Funds for Global Ubuntu by Barbara Williams in relation a communication with BasicIncome Earth Network [BIEN]
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A Case for Limiting Total Food Production for Human Consumption
Steve Salmony

The Human Eco-predicament: Overshoot and the Population Conundrum
William E. Rees

At 8 Billion, Has the Population Bomb Exploded?
Julian Cribb

Net Zero Is Dead ~ So What Now?
Tim Watkins

The Global Push for Population Growth Shows We’re Not Grappling With the Climate Crisis
Carter Dillard

Populist Climate Action Requires Thinking About Freedom From Specific Oppressors—Not Just Species Survival
Carter Dillard

Building a New Order of Things
Laurie Cone

Blessing or Curse? How the Pandemic and the War Impact Energy Transitions
Behnam Zakeri, Luis Gomez Echeverri, Ansa Heyl

Path to Extinction? Sperm Count Accelerates Its Decline
Kurt Cobb

Fiduciary Funds for Global Ubuntu
Barbara Williams

The Toxic Chemicals Killing You Are Yet Another Symptom of Overshoot
Alice Friedemann

An Evolutionary Case for Veganism
Gregory F. Tague

The 30 Percent Goal: Is Bigger Always Better for Biodiversity?
Fred Pearce

The World’s Roots Are Getting Shallower
Rebecca Dzombak

Redwashing Consumerism Will Not Save the Planet
Owen Schalk

Negative Feedback ~ The Time to De-grow and Adapt is Now
Eliza Daley

The Economy is Moving from a Tailwind Pushing It Along to a Headwind Holding It Back
Gail Tverberg

IMF Forcing Privatization, Land and Resource Grab on Sri Lanka
Asoka Bandarage

The Earth Has a Microbiome — And It Needs Help
Tara Lohan

What Was Humanity’s First Cultural Revolution?
Deborah Barsky

Gender and the Future of Humanity
Geoffrey Holland

Dismissal of “Population Alarmism” is Rooted in Pronatalist Ideology
Nandita Bajaj

Facing Silence and Denial Around Population Growth and Its Environmental Impact. How Do We Find Ways Forward?
Haydn Washington & Helen Kopnina

From Homo economicus to Homo ecologicus ~ Integrated Summary in the Secular and Religious Dimensions
Luis T. Gutiérrez

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