Mother Pelican – March 2023

Another rich treasury
…. and the usual request for comment on any striking articles  in  the urgent quest for global sanity.
Yours, stewards all of this scared planet

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Apocalypse ~ An Ending and a New Beginning

Apocalypse After All? – Catherine Keller
Hoarding and Running the Economy to the Tune of Justice – Carmine Gorga
Sustainability Can (And Must) Be Beautiful – Sandra Lubarsky
When Disaster Tests the Strength of Human Cooperation – A. J. Faas
Why Biodiversity? Human Survival is Contingent on Biodiversity – Ian Pfingsten
Markets and Technology Won’t Solve the Climate Crisis ~ We Must End Capitalism – Eve Ottenberg
What About the Other Debt Ceiling? – Gary Gardner
With Profits So Obscene, How Can This Be Oil’s Last Gasp? – Mitchell Beer
How the Modern Fantasy of an Eternal Civilization Warps our View of Technology – Kurt Cobb
Our Planet Versus Plastic Bags—A Tale of Two Cities – Erika Schelby
Against the Economic Grain: Addressing the Social Challenges of Sustainable Livelihoods – Kim Kendall
Seventh Generation vs. (Sigh) ‘Longtermism’ – Chris MacDonald
The Energy Crisis, Renewable Energies, and RR+E – Luis González Reyes
PFAS 101: Everything You Need to Know About ‘Forever Chemicals’ – Paige Bennett
‘The Oil Machine’: How Environmental Grand Narratives Obstruct ‘Real’ Change – Paul Mobbs
We’ve Already Messed Up a Third of the Amazon, and It’s Not Getting Better – Fermin Koop
Fossil Fragility ~ The Global Addiction to Fossil Fuels – Yogi Hendlin
Giant Leap, or Too Little Too Late – Andrew Curry
Generation Z Leads the Climate Movement – Gayle Kimball
On the Other Side of Separation: Individual and Collective Steps Towards a Post-Patriarchal Way of Living – Miki Kashtan
Separate or Relational and Truly Rational? A Few Notes on Gender, Nature, and Modernity’s Patriarchal Heritage – Jan-Olav Henriksen
Navigating the Storm of Global Change ~ Healing Collective Trauma – David Nicol
The End of This World Portends the Birth of a New One – Natalie Avalos
Challenging Religious Patriarchy: Did Jesus Rule Out Women Priests? – Pauline Chakkalakal

Human development in harmony with nature is the existential challenge of our time. The mission of this journal is to foster integral human development in an integral ecology.

You are invited to submit comments, suggestions, and articles for publication. Deadline is the 15th of the month to be considered for the following month.
Sincerely, Luis
Luis T. Gutiérrez
Mother Pelican Journal

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