A group contribution to a Shared Vision of Collaboration for the Common Good

SHARING A VISION’ is an initial label for the quest for the arts and skills of collaboration for the Common Good, by professionals and amateurs together, that a critical mass may emerge. 

SOME POINTERS to today’s evolving challenges: –
• The UK’s Church Times recently carried a brief extract from Nick Spencer’s new book ‘MAGISTERIA – the entangled histories of Science and Religion.’ 
• Also, currently, Brian Cox and David Attenborough are popularising cosmic and whole earth consciousness as never before.
• Monday last (13th March 2023) saw Commonwealth Day celebrated in Westminster Abbey, presenting dramatically a way ahead – representing seven decades of international bonding – now numbering 59 countries. The 90-minute celebration in the Abbey was a superb example of community-envisioning and giving worth to all.   It was an example of letting our birth or adopted Faith meld into universalism and mounting awareness of the meaning of each life to be lived in its own span.

So our group made a first stab at a ‘Chart’ or ‘Vision’ of what we might consider VISION – FOUNDATION AND EXPRESSION OF FAITH WITHIN AN EVOLVING WORLD
‘If you can’t chart it you won’t understand’

• A cosmic consciousness, humbly set between the mystery of BIG BANG, the Expanding Universe, the Interaction of Galaxies, the formation of the Sun, and thence of Mother Earth [with the scientific definition of Gaia – or the totality of God as focussed on earth by ancient prophecies, thus inspiring Jesus to live exemplifying…….
• The interaction of loving all and every part [God AND Neighbour] of creation
• Both Pastoral and Prophetic – compassion hand in hand with a shared commitment to use our talents expressly for the Common Good
• The inescapable interaction of the Intimate, Societal and Global in each human life: minute in every instance, but essential.
• The tackling of embedded fault lines of Usury, Theft of the Commons, Patriarchal Hierarchy – all exploitative and exponential in their disastrous effect.
• Unconditional initial attention to the other in every dialogue

Footnote from individual contributions:
• Live more consciously in true relationship with the earth
• Deepen and sustain your wellbeing and resilience
• Heal trauma and build nurturing and healing relationships.
• Co-create healthy, resilient local communities
• Take action for climate resilience and sustainable living
• Envision and enact more resilient social structures and systems.

Yours, Peter Challen

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