Fall of the Dark Paradigm – Rising Sun Paradigm

From: Richard Nelson (via Google Docs) <solaroof@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2023 at 22:46
Subject: Fall of the Dark Paradigm – Rising Sun Paradigm

Richard Nelson (solaroof@gmail.com) has attached the following document (linked below):
Dear Friends,
I’m sharing with you all, as circle of close collaborators and friends, what I will call my Earth Day 2023 Message – which is a “life synthesis” of my understanding of our critical moment in human history and a turning point in the life of our Mother Earth that will either uplift the whole of Life or will trigger a downward, death spiral caused by human overshoot and consequent collapse of multiple ecosystems.
Cedric, I would like this version of Fall of the Dark Paradigm to replace the earlier version that is published at the SunParadigm.org – Rodney, I will appreciate your comments. Peter, I would be grateful, if you feel it’s appropriate to circulate this document in your network.
Aubrey, I would like to have this document posted on PyraPOD.com website with my other key Documents, that include Closing the Hunger Gap. I would be very happy to see this Earth Day Message translated to Chinese.
Cedric and Ricky will recall that it was 2013 when I wrote “closing the hunger gap” and launched the SolaRoof mission for global OpenSource Collaboration and Cooperative Commercialization – ten years later I now have support to establish my legacy organization, SolaRoof – and with support from Gellert and ENVIENTA to create a Web3 website and technology sharing platform that is attracting the collaboration of Andy Bittner’s HOME DAO.
I have, as inventor of SolaRoof, clarified more than the technology mission; in this “Fall of the Dark Paradigm” I have stated my personal and passionate Spiritual belief in fundamental assumptions: that we as Human Beings are fortunate (blessed) to have great, universal Teachers providing loving and uplifting guidance and intervention that clearly originates from an infinity of intelligence and illumination that lights up our way forward and goes beyond our limited knowledge. In fact, there is reveal Truth that is supported by both tangible science and intangible consciousness that lifts “seekers” to new levels, and empowers humanity to come into alignment with the purpose of our individual and collective Being.
Humankind, as the pinnacle of creation and our common home, Mother Earth, are not bound for death or a domesday – we must step out in faith and without fear for the future. Every Person, who is searching for the Way, in Truth and in Life has the power, the faith and the hope to build the future that is foretold in all Traditions – therefore we must act with conviction that all of humanity will be empowered to achieve universal success and thrive together with the whole of Life in a world that will be reborn and transformed as would reflect the awakening of a higher consciousness that affirms our individual Spiritual Being. I’m certain that people everywhere will begin to dwell in this place of grace, that will become the dominant reality for everyone – this is the promise of the Paradigm Shift from Darkness and into the Light of the Sun Paradigm.
We must now take practical, small steps to be builders of the Sun Paradigm – which in my Christian heritage means to answer the call of Jesus to be Kingdom Builders (but you use the language that has equivalence for you). Let’s use the combined wisdom of all cultures and spiritual traditions that, when freed from reli.gious doctrine and freed from the worldly System of exploitation, can guide our steps on a path to safety; to safely navigate through the “End Days” to arrive at a glorious future: “on earth as it is in heaven”.
Concerning the reality of the challenges of living through the chaos of the Paradigm Shift (that is here now) I heartily recommend everyone should read “The Ministry for the Future” by Kim Stanley Robinson – see Wikipedia link.
Good Earth Day to all,
Fall of the Dark Paradigm – Rising Sun Paradigm
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