A thougt for the week with powerful implications on justice

A succinct and timely summary of  where/how we should be supporting a gathering momentum 
Let’s Make King Charles the Henry George of the 21st Century!

Henry George was the most popular speaker in America, after Mark Twain, in the 1800s. He was a political economist who taught that everyone has a birthright to the value of the earth’s “God given” resources. The unearned income that flows from land and natural resources should be used to finance public goods and services. Reforms in public finance policy can begin the process by shifting taxes from earned income on wages to unearned income from land. Fairly sharing the “commons rent” addresses the root causes of hunger, homelessness, poverty and yes, even war. 

Since King Charles is the largest landowner in the world, he would pay an enormous amount of commons rent. If he refused to do so, his land by rights would be confiscated so that others could have access to their birthright. The more rapidly people awaken to the power of these earth rights tax principles the faster we will build a world of peace and plenty for all.

Let’s do it by making King Charles the Henry George of the 21st Century!  Earth Rights visionary Alanna Hartzok et al

Revisit the “Open Letter” to King Charles, that we can use to replace the war economy that is killing us with the peace economy that can save us.

“When land and natural resource values – Commons Rent – become the primary source for raising public revenue, we WILL have economic justice and world peace.” –

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