Mother Pelican: May 2023

Another rich range of current issues being examined. Please comment in any you find of particular value

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Escape from Overshoot ~ Economics for a Planet in Peril
Peter A. Victor

Are Humans Part Of, or Apart From, Nature?
Eileen Crist

The End of Cheap Money, Abundant Energy, and Human Exceptionalism
Alex Ates Haywood

The Imaginary World of Population Projections & Endless Growth
Jane O’Sullivan

Even AI Understands Limits to Growth. Why Don’t We?
Cole Thompson

The Caravan School: A Learning Journey
José Paixão

We Are Living Through a Paradigm Shift in Our Understanding of Human Evolution
Jan Ritch-Frel

Transcending Materialism: Embracing Consciousness and Interconnectedness for a Sustainable Future
Benjamin Casteillo

On Beauty and Becoming Just, Part II ~ Cleanliness is Next to Stateliness: Assimilationist Hygiene through Private Property
Cara Judea Alhadeff

Green-Tinted Glasses ~ The Green Growth Delusion
Christopher Ketcham

Degrowth in the Age of the Climate Emergency
Gareth Dale

The Rising Chorus of Renewable Energy Skeptics
Andrew Nikiforuk

The Fed Cannot Fix Today’s Energy Inflation Problem
Gail Tverberg

Converging Debt Crises
Richard Heinberg

The Cobalt Gold Rush and the East Palestine Disaster
Ellen Brown

Why Do We Grow Food?
Gunnar Rundgren

Another Offering From Our Tech Overlords: A Climate Change Solution Without Sacrifice
Kurt Cobb

Sailing on Planet Titanic ~ Musings 111 Years After the Great Ship Went Down
Patrick Mazza

Energy Cannibalism Will Suck Us Dry
Jack Santa Barbara

New Ways of Seeing the World: Big History and the Great Transition
David Christian

The Emerging New World Economy
Richard D. Wolff

The Status of Global Oil Production: 2023 Update
Roger Blanchard

Why Overpopulation Should Be a Women’s Issue
Karen Shragg & Madeline Weld

Moving Beyond the Same Old Song and Dance on Women’s Ordination
Mary E. Hunt

Human development in harmony with nature is the existential challenge of our time. The mission of this journal is to foster integral human development in an integral ecology.

You are invited to submit comments, suggestions, and articles for publication. Deadline is the 15th of the month to be considered for the following month.

Luis T. Gutiérrez
Mother Pelican Journal

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