Discussion Papers submitted by Members  – this page is being updated to include all the links – meanwhile, pan down to find recent papers. We also link to papers on our earlier website, before we began on wordpress – some from an interim site have been lost but will be restored where possible.

NB These papers do not necessarily represent the views of the association as a whole, the views of whose members range from those who believe individual ownership should not be allowed, to those who are actively pursuing co-ownership and realistic present-day proposals for Monetary Reform. The Chairman welcomes all contributions to the debate. If you wish to have a paper of yours posted, or linked from this site, please contact Peter Challen – who may also draw it to the attention of members, and you can always make further amendments in the light of comments by others:

Rev. Dr. Peter Dominy: Futures of Capitalism – Winchester April 2014

Peter Challen Usury – its roots – Leaflet Jan 2009
Peter Challen CCMJ: An open congregation Jan 2009
Ann Pettifor The Sin of Usury Nov 2008
Peter Challen Seven Steps to Justice Nov 2008
Simon Barrow The Church in the Credit Crunch Nov 2008
Peter Challen PowerPoint Presentations 2006
Ed Sullivan Core Issues under the Symptoms 2006
Sabine McNeill Sovereignty & Seignorage: A Structural Framework for Democratising Monetary Control 2006
John-Hotson Doesnt God Understand Economics 1984
Ivan Illich Essays – paper not currently available on, but see Guardian Obituary and paper on: October 2006
Peter Challen 60 years of servants seeking the economy that befits the Kin-dom of Od October 2005
Sabine McNeill Sovereignty and Seinorage October 2006
Colin Whitmill Minutes of the Annual General Meeting on 29th October 2005 January 2006
John Rogers Two Sides of the Money Coin January 2006
Doug Gibbons Christian People’s Alliance Manifesto: January 2006
Colin Whitmill Papers for the Annual General Meeting 29th October 2005
Peter Challen 60 years of servants seeking the economy that befits the Kin-dom of Od October 2005
Stephen Zarlenga Report on the American Monetary Institute Conference Sept 20-Oct 2nd 2005
Kamran Mofid An Open Letter to the First World Islamic Economic Forum Kuala Lumpur, October 1-3, 2005 Thursday 22nd September 2005
Colin Whitmill Biblical Support for Basic Income? New Zealand, Sept 2005
Peter Challen Religious Leaders Tackle the World Bank September 2005 approx
Peter Challen Notes from Italy London,September 2005
Peter Challen Introduction to CCMJ: previous message archived London,September 2005
Peter Challen Address to the Greenbelt Gathering Cheltenham 29/8/05
Sabine McNeill Early Day Motion 390 entitled”Publicly-Created Money” – a Mechanism for Making Poverty History – At Home and Abroad London, July 2005
Peter Challen Chairman’s half-year report 21st June 2005
Peter Challen ‘Mission Mission, Mammon and Money.’ An article for a 2005 edition of the USPG’s ‘Theological Reflections’ London, March 2005
Peter Challen Note from the Chairman London, January 2005
Peter Challen An article for a 2005 edition of the USPG’s ‘Theological Reflections’, under the title, ‘Rethinking Mission.’ London, January 2005
Peter Challen AGM 2004 Minutes London October 2004
Dave Wetzel About Land Value Tax New Statesman 10/9/04
Peter Challen Wise words from 1667 and 1897 in individual and in social mode London, June 2004
Lord Sudeley In Support of Publicly Created Money London, Feb 2004
Sabine McNeill Modern Money Maths – educational diagram London, Jan 2004
Peter Challen CCMJ member speaks at Islamic Conference London, Jan 2004
John Courtneidge Proposal for Interest-Free Money Website Launch Dec 2003
Peter Challen CCMJ Book Fair and AGM: Sat 8th Nov 2003 Invitation Leaflet
John Ruskin Extracts from Letters on the Subject of Usury
Peter Challen Introduction to CCMJ – Christmas message London, Dec 2003
Kevin Donnelly A Debt to Handel Manchester, Nov 2003
Peter Challen Thinking about Money London, Nov 2003
Poster Annual General Meeting & Open Book Day London Nov 2003
Ian Yearsley Grace and Usury – Articles for Church Magazines London, Dec 2001
Peter Challen Briefing Paper for Workshops for Church Officers London, Sept 2003
Imam Al-Ghazzali An Islamic view of the Nature of Money Cairo, 1939
Martin Hattersley As I see It Canada
Peter Challen Introduction to CCMJ CCMJ homepage 2000
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