Global Housekeeping a CCMJ statement- 2013


{1}[as the source of all resources], RENT [as surplus value of every community’s interdependence and productivity] and PERMANENT DEBT[2][as an accumulative burden on even basically just living.]

It is our contention that the scholars and leaders of the Abrahamic faiths, together with all people of universally relevantly ‘good faith’ should study and together present with one voice a clear view on the particulars of the application of faith to the public struggle for societal sanity, inclusive justice and international peace.[3]

We suggest that the application might be expressed initially in some way similar to this statement of CCMJ:-


[We know of and encourage work on all these aspects]

  The Christian Council for Monetary Justice is an open associative Council, with minimal institutional structure. Through a weekly open table it provides a focus for several hundred associates, it studies, defines, proposes  and acts on new patterns of globally inclusive justice. It does this under constant auditing, that is with ‘tentative conviction’ and ‘high tolerance for ambiguity’,

We pursue this within the context of the narrative of a Covenant relationship between the given-ness of life and the trusteeship required of humans with their emergent global consciousness and sense of the sacredness of all life.[5]

Such mutuality lies naturally between the ever active vocative, evocative, provocative creative force hiding under the shadow of the human metaphor, God, and humans living in right relationship with all the energies of nature in its constituent parts.

This mutuality is an inseparable double commitment.  Nature gives endlessly as long as humanity responds co-operatively.[4]

CCMJ persistently evaluates the benefits and the potential forms of:

The Commons and their resources accepted as gift, requiring their reinstatement. [see the formal definition of Commons]


  • Rent as public revenue to be returned to the community as the outcome of interdependent productive contributions – thus challenging the misguided laws of property.
  • Debt cancellation to lift intolerable exploitation, which now globally divides rich and poor in a ratio of 1:99%.
  • Interest free new money created as a public utility – thus tackling exploitation as in its monetary description as ‘usury’
  • Credit made available and lent as a public utility, under audited disciplines of its nurturing replenishable productive creativity in goods and services for the common good.
  • The means for basic livelihood provided for all, as a platform for the development of each person’s unique potential and talents – call it Citizens’ Income, Universal Basic Income or Social Dividend etc.
  • Encouraging local currencies – as a means of renewing localised mutuality so essential to viable communities.
    • Natural cycles of productivity – especially in relation to global food provision



Reference [6] overleaf




founded in


where evolving global consciousness ensures

that the ever emergent gift of life on earth

is continuously replenished

by our trusteeship and husbandry 

of the finite resources of the land.


REFERENCE POINTERS to backgrond studies:

[1] The Commons leaflet– our shared wealth without which people cannot survive  and thrive. this wealth is comprised of common goods which we have inherited or, are entitled to use, and are obliged to restore and pass on to future generations. – three categories : Social, Cultural and Intellectual – Solar, Natural and Genetic – Material.


[2] Three main effects of interest – Encouragement of Competition – The Need for Endless Growth – Concentration of Material Wealth.


[3] ‘Exploring Earthiness – the reality and perception of being Human’  Primavesi – an interwoven philosophical, theological, economic and scientific study of hubristic human errors

[4] PodCoop references POD Fresh Food is the goal of POD Preneur Network (PODnet), which applies our Creative Commons solution, the POD – a best-of-kind vertical farm, with zero fossil energy use and zero GHG emissions. The POD enables the regeneration of the Family Farm for the 21st Century. The Pod system has degrees of energy conversion efficiency in the 95% range. see the 22 mins here….

  [5] Two Comprehensive charts – Integral and Disruptive Capital – Quilligan and in illustrated globally-localised imagery,–‘The Gaia Atlas of Planet – For Today’s Caretakers of Tomorrow’s World.’

[5] Exponential growth at crisis point on many fronts – 24 product and process exponentially eliding in our time

[6] Traumatised Society – How to outlaw cheating and Save Our Civilisation’ – Harrison – developed on

[6] Ed. Randalls’ Bakers’ dozen and Clive’s PPt and charting Economics_to_save_our_civilisation.pdf
1428K   View   Download   and The_Power_of_economics.pdf 646K   View   Download

[4] The Five Kingdoms on Life – Creating through Energy – Water – Food  naturaly localised and sustainable mini-climates, easily pursued by community farming coops

– Initiatives with which CCMJ engages

– Fundamentals of a sane economy

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